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  • Pool Hashrate 1.41 TH/s
  • Network Hashrate 8.86 TH/s
  We are on the correct block chain and new wallet


We are compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if you feel there is something missing here then please let us know through the Contact link.

  • Why am I not getting paid? I've been mining for an hour!?

    The usual cause for this is the fact that the pool has not found a block since you have started mining. This pool works on a PPLNS system and therefore it dependent on the users finding blocks. More information can be found on the What is PPLNS? page.

    If you still think there is an error then please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact page.

  • I helped mine a block, but I got no coins? Where are they?!

    Please take a close look at What is PPLNS? specifically with regards to section 4 on the image.

  • Why are the estimated shares over 100% on the Dashboard?

    Finding blocks is based on both luck and probability. The best analogy I can think of to explain it (there isn't much out there to explain it in a simple way) is "finding a needle in a haystack". For any given haystack there will be an average time spent to find the needle (if you do the search 100 or so times), and this is where the "estimate" comes in. The estimate is an average time it *should* take, but by definition of being an estimate it can take longer or less time.

    So with this in mind, you can now see that some blocks will be done before the estimate and some blocks take longer than the estimate. By definition, being a probable number means that over time even if a pool is having bad luck, it should even out to be around 100% luck for example of all the blocks found within a certain time frame (2 weeks or a month).

    The most important thing to take from this information is that if we are having a slow block (say for example around 300% of the estimate), probability dictates that the next blocks should be much less % estimate to account for the long block, to ensure that for all the blocks the estimate stays around 100%.

  • My account is locked, what do I do?

    Your account will become locked if you enter your password incorrectly too many times, or enter the PIN incorrectly too many times (or not at all). In order to unlock your account, you must login with your correct email address and password. You will then see a message at the top saying that an email with further instructions has been sent to you. Follow the link in the email address and your account will be unlocked and you will now be able to login again.

    If you continue to have issues with your account being locked, please go to the Contact page and we can unlock your account after verifying details. Note: Your email to unlock your account will arrive, if it doesn't arrive immediately please have patience and also check the spam folder.

  • How do I add a payment address? The box is greyed out!

    We take security very seriously, and so therefore implement as much of it as we can to ensure your coins are as safe as possible while they are in our posession (but please remember we are not a BANK - so withdraw your coins to your wallet as soon as you can).

    In order to modify account details you must do the following:

    1. Go to the Edit Account page.
    2. Enter your PIN (on the Account Details section)
    3. Press the "Unlock" button
    4. You will now receive an email, please click the link and it will take back to editing your account. However, now the boxes will be editable and you can enter your details. If you do not receive an email, please have patience, and make sure you check your spam folder.
    5. Edit the details you want, most likely payment address and auto-payment amount
    6. Enter your pin
    7. Press Update
    8. And you are done!