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  • Pool Hashrate 1.08 TH/s
  • Network Hashrate 52.25 TH/s
  Welcome to our new pool :)

Myriad SHA256 pool open! posted Mar 16, 2020 at 21:57

NOTE: This is the SHA-256 pool, and as such you need ASICS to be profitable :) If there is enough interest we will open up an scrypt pool as well.


A coin for everyone


No premine
Proof of Work:
Scypt, SHA256D, Qubit, Skein or Groestl
Block time: 2.5 minutes per algorithm (30 second average over 5 algos)
Each algorithm has separate difficulty
Block reward halves every 967680 blocks (about 48 weeks)
Initial block reward: 1000 MYR
Total coin supply: About 2 billion MYR (after about 10 years)
Difficulty adjusts every block
P2P port: 10888
RPC port: 10889
Configuration file: myriadcoin.conf

How it works
Each proof of work algorithm has its own independent difficulty.
Any algorithm can find the next block.
All the algorithms use the same difficulty adjustment method.
On average, each algorithm has the same chance of finding the next block.
Each algorithm aims for a block generation time of 2.5 minutes. 
Over the five algorithms, a block should be found on average every 30 seconds.