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The coin died, sorry guys - through no fault of our own but bad coin design!

Wallet off line till re-launch, posted Feb 12, 2020 at 11:59

The wallet is now off line until the re-launch 

Pool halted for DopeCoin, posted Feb 10, 2020 at 23:19

Hey guys,

We cannot currently keep the DopeCoin pool up.

There's an issue with the Coin where the diff is not going up (we were told it's using Kim's Gravity Well), but after ~8000 blocks we're still stuck at 0.000037 diff.

MPOS (the software we use) cannot physicially deal with this many blocks. For every 1 block we process, we are finding 10 more.

We will continue processing blocks, and you WILL get paid. But unless the coin sorts itself out (with a fork), we will not be re-opening for mining on this coin.

United-Miners Team

If you have any questions please contact us in Contact on the bottom left.

edit: We are still around 35% on the first batch of blocks (around 4,000), we have since found another 4000 or so, so this is going to take a while to process.
edit2: thought we had more blocks, it appears we didn't :) it was updating the blocks as payments were running.